Ideas for Creating an Accent Wall

An accent wall has a different color, design, or pattern compared to the other walls. These statement-making walls completely change the vibe in a room. It makes the room stand out and more beautiful without having to go through the trouble of wallpapering.   

There are way too many options to choose from while creating an accent wall. However, you will need to understand this decoration idea better before you try it out. Here are accent wall decor tips to help draw attention to your space.  

Bold Colors  

Brighter and bold colors easily make a statement, whether for the interior or exterior. Paint one wall in a bold color, then use neutral colors for the rest of the wall. More vibrant colors draw people’s attention more when they blend with other colors. Gray and beige are among the neutral colors that you can use or anything else that works best.  


Wallpapers are a great accent hack, especially for people who love patterns. Although the maintenance is quite hard, and you might keep redoing the wallpapering, this is a great decor idea to create accent walls. You only have to buy your favorite wallpaper and fix it on your own or have a professional do it for you.  

Wood panels for decor 

If you are not a lover of bright, bold colors, or wallpaper patterns, you can try out wood paneling on your accent wall. Wood panels have become a more popular voice today since they enhance the richness of your space.  

Wall arts 

Complement your accent wall with a large piece of art that stands out in the room. Ou could also opt for a large mirror. They make grand statements too. 

Accentuate your ceiling 

Ceilings can also act as an accent wall in your house. A different color ceiling makes your home look more stylish. You can use soft and vivid colors to accentuate your ceilings. Signature house painters will provide the ceiling painting services and leave your house sparkly clean and beautiful.  


Which accent wall would do you opt for? A bold color, a statement mirror, wallpaper patterns, and accentuate ceiling, wood panels, or large wall arts? Don’t be shy to try out any accent wall you think will be a perfect addition to your house. You could also try having different type accents for each room to make them stand out from the others. Once you have painted the walls and the ceiling, don’t forget the kitchen cabinets. They add a good impression to any home kitchen.

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