Ideal Weather Conditions for Exterior House Painting

When painting your home’s interior, you can regulate the temperatures to what will work best for the paint. However, this is impossible for exterior painting. When you decide you want to paint the outside of your hose, you should ask yourself whether it is the right season of the year.  

Not all weather conditions are favorable for painting; some temperatures may affect the paint causing long term consequences. Whether you are painting the wall deck, the fence, or any exterior section of the house, you need to be cautious about the ideal weather conditions.  

Hot or Cold Conditions 

Whether the paint is latex, oil-based, or water-based, you will need different optimal temperatures for house painting. Too much heat or cold may cause the paint not to stick firmly. Thus, it peels within a short duration.  

When it’s cold, the paint takes too long to dry, and it makes it hard to apply different coats, which could lead to blistering or bubbling if a coat is applied before the previous one dries completely. During cold weather, the paint also attracts dust, insects more easily, making the surface appear dirty once it dries.  

While hot temperatures are assumed to be ideal for exterior house painting, extreme temperatures are not conducive enough. The optimum temperature should not exceed 90 degrees. Also, do not paint in direct sunlight, starting painting from the shade for better results.  


Painting on a windy day is very hectic. The wind blows away almost everything you are using to work, making the job extremely difficult. High winds can also be dangerous if you are using the ladder and could cause accidents. Too much wind also affects the paint by blowing too much dust and debris and letting the paint dry faster than it should.  


You can’t paint the house on a rainy day unless you want the entire paint to be washed away by the rains. Follow the weather forecasts and ensure that there will be no rain on the day you plan for painting.  


The best season for exterior house painting is during the summer, when the temperatures are favorable enough. Some outer sections, such as the siding, may require staining rather than paint if you desire a natural finish.  

Painting on a day when the temperature drops drastically. Early fall could also be an excellent time to paint the house. Call us on (202) 280-2694 to get in touch with Signature House Painters for any house painting consultation.

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