Eco-friendly Painting Techniques

Eco-friendly house painting is a major form of environmental conservation. Other forms of protecting the environment include reusing, proper disposal of materials, and preservation by an individual, a company, or the government.  

It is our duty s human beings to ensure we live in a safe place and take care of the natural resources around us. Ever thought about how you can conserve the environment in your painting practices? Here are the different eco-friendly painting practices that we should put into use today.  


You do not have to get new rollers and paintbrushes each time you are undertaking a painting job. It will also help save on purchasing costs. Ensure you clean and store all tools properly, awaiting their next use.  

Also, store excess paint in an airtight container under the right temperatures.  

Proper disposal mechanism 

When you have to dispose of excess pints, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the correct disposal methods. Do not pour leftover paints since they are hazardous to the environment.   

When you want to through away paint cans, ensure you air them first by placing them in a well-ventilated space. When the paint dries off completely, it’s safe to put the can in the trash. 

Reduce waste 

Only buy what is enough for the project to avoid a large sum of leftover paints. It is possible to estimate the needed quantity of paint before purchasing. You can also ask for professional help for the estimate to avoid excessive buying.  

Use paints with Low/zero VOC  

Chemicals used in the manufacture of most paints tend to be harmful to human health when inhaled for an extended period. Choose paints with a minimum Volatile Organic Compound(VOC) of less than 380grams in each liter for oil-based paints. In latex paints, the VOC levels should be lesser than 250 grams per liter.  

Reflective paints 

Energy conservation is also a form of caring for the environment. Some paints help in saving energy hence reducing the electricity costs you would incur. Consider sun reflective paints as they deflect the sun’s rays and save you money. 

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