How to Paint a Ceiling

Ceiling painting is seen as one of the most strenuous housepainting jobs since you will have to look up during the entire process. The reason why most people evade this role and end up having great walls and a poorly done ceiling.    

The good news is that painting a ceiling board is not such a challenging task. Follow this simple guide on how to paint a ceiling easily without messing your house.  

Materials and equipment  

  1. Drop cloth 
  2. Ladder 
  3. Paintbrush 
  4. Roller 
  5. Putty knife 
  6. Sandpaper 
  7. Ceiling paint 
  8. Primer  
  • Prepare the room 

House preparation is always the first stage before undertaking any house painting job, regardless of the section being painted. Remove all the furniture and put them in another room. Then cover the floor using a drop cloth. Also, protect any furniture that is left inside the room. 

Since you are working on the ceiling, you will have to turn the power off and remove all the light fixtures since they can hinder the painting process.  

  • Clean the ceiling 

When the room is ready, you can now start working on the ceiling.  Grab your ladder and clean the entire top removing all visible dirt. Then wash using water and soap to get rid of the dirt that is stuck on the ceiling. Also, sand the ceiling removing all burps to ensure it is smooth enough.  

  • Tape around the edges  

Press down the tape to ensure it sticks to the wall edges. You can use a putty knife to ensure it adheres completely.  

  • Prime the ceiling  

Using a brush or any tool that works well on painting edges, cut in the edges, then using a roller,  prime the rest of the ceiling. Leave the primer to dry out completely. 

  • Apply the paint 

Make sure to put excess paint on the roller to prevent drips. Then work on the paint in small sections while moving to the next one. Apply one coat and let it dry. Then add another layer of paint or an excellent finish.  

Home Painters Near Me? 

Some ceilings and walls are made from drywall and require a somewhat different painting procedure.  

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