Kitchen Cabinet Painting

When we talk of interior house painting, it is not only about adding color to your walls and ceilings. If your cabinetry does not look good, so does your kitchen, even with newly painted walls.   

Cabinets constitute the largest part of any kitchen, which means any slight mistakes in the painting can negatively impact the entire room. Cabinet painting a tedious process and requires attention to detail to achieve a well-done job.  That’s why you will need the best painting contractors near you for beautiful and quality painting. 

Signature House Painters is a well-established painting company in Washington DC. You can trust our team of experienced professionals to handle any painting in your house. We will save you all the trouble of having to do the work on your own.  

Painting the cabinets 

Choosing good quality paint and primer will come along way in the success of the painting task. Also, ensure you select the right color that will blend well with the kitchen walls.  Neutral colors such as grey and beige or a mixture of the two will give you enough freedom to play around with bright colors on the walls. 

  • Prepare the cabinets  

If you are aiming to achieve a good painting job, the preparation stage is quite vital. Adequate preparation before the task determines the general outcome.  

Start by emptying the cabinets, repair any damages, then clean to ensure you get rid of all dirt and grease. Remove all the drawers and knobs and label them so that returning them to their place is not challenging. 

Sand the cabinets t smoothen the surface if the paint is peeling, consider stripping.  

  • Prime first  

While paints mixed with primers tend to make work easier, to get the best results, you should use a primer and paint differently.  

 Apply a primer on the cabinets, not forgetting the edges, then leave it to dry. You can consider mixing the primer with an extender, which helps hides the brush strokes while working.  

  • Apply the paint 

When the primer dries, ensure the surface is smooth, then start applying the paint of your choice. A well-painted cabinet will need about two coats for a good finish.   

Precaution: Ventilate the room to ensure enough air circulation in the room and put on protective gear such as a facemask. Paints produce fumes that could be harmful to your respiratory health. 


The kitchen is a centerpiece for every home, and the cabinets reflect how appealing the kitchen will look. Choose your paint colors right and follow the steps. You will love the space. The exterior of your house is equally important and also requires excellent painting.

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