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Learn to do house painting in an order which is most efficient and easy to do. This article is an excerpt from a painting book. Thanks to the author for a great blog post.

To be sure that your primer and paint will bond to the surface paint, paint in the right weather- mild and dry. Don’t paint in direct sunlight. Start early in the day so the paint can dry before the evening dew falls. The ideal conditions are 700F (210C) with little to no breeze.

Paint the house in this order:

1.Scrape old paint.

2.Prime scraped areas.

3.Paint eaves and overhangs. Paint housebody.

Paint trim and dimensional details(windows, doors, railing, decks, thresholds, steps).

For all surfaces:

1.Work from the top down and the inside out.

2.Apply flat paints before gloss paints, as they are easier to touch up than gloss.

3.Save areas to be stained for last.

4.Reach a visual breakpoints before you stop painting, especially for gloss finishes.

5.Paint doors and windows early in the day so they will dry before being closed and locked at night.

6.Let one color dry before painting another next to it.

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Painting Contractor – House Painting

Apply all exterior finishes in the right order

Alkyd Paint on Bare Wood1.bare wood
2.sealer on bare wood knots
3.primer or preservative primer
Latex paint on Bare Wood1.Bare wood
2.sealer on bare wood knots
3.primer undercoat
Masonry Paint on Old Plaster1.old painted masonry surface
3.stabilizing solution/primer coat masonry paint
5.second coat masonry paint
Wood Stain1.bare wood
2.preservative base coat (solvent-based products only)
3.first coat stain
4.second coat stain
(third coat may be required for water-based products)
Varnish1.bare wood
2.preservative base coat
4.first coat varnish
4.second coat varnish
Metal Finishing Paint1.bare or previously painted metal
2.first coat proprietary metal finishing paint
3.second coat metal finishing paint if necessary
Finally, be sure to keep some of the paint and finish that you use for touch-ups or to match colors later.

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