How to Paint a Wall

Walls get dirty after a certain period, and they get ugly. For houses with children, wall markings are a common problem at times, you even get bored with the current color combination and need a change. To maintain the beauty of your space, you will need to paint the walls regularly.  

While it is necessary to have professional house painting contractors like Signature house painters, to perform the job for you, t is still possible to paint on your own, especially if you are working in a small area. If you need to redo your wall? Read on for a step by step guide on n how to paint a wall without hiring a painting company.   

Required Materials/Equipment 

  • Paint and primer 
  • Paint roller 
  • Ladder 
  • Painters tape 
  • drop cloth 
  • Sandpaper  

Step 1: The initial painting step is preparing the surface and the room for work. It includes covering the furniture with a drop cloth, cleaning the wall, scraping paint flakes, and repairing any visible wall damages.   

Read the previous article on preparing a house for painting for more detailed directions to prepare for the painting process.  

Step 2: Now, when your room is ready, Using the painters’ tape, tape all the ventilation, doors, and windows so that wet paint may not get to these areas.  

Step 3: Apply a primer on the wall. A primer allows the topcoat to stick properly on the wall.   

Step 4: let the primer dry out and sand it, getting rid of the rough remains.  

Step 5: Mix the paint in a larger container. Then using the painting roller start painting from the top towards the bottom and leave it dry. Then apply another layer of paint. Since a roller may leave out the edges, use a painting brush to ensure they are well painted. Once the overcoat is dry and you are satisfied with the look, remove the painters’ tape.  


Only use the required amount of paint over saturating the roller may cause paint drips or nonuniformity. 

Do not apply an excess number of coats on the walls, as they may look ugly. However, walls with coarse textures may require more layers.  


With the above steps, your wall will look as good as new. Importantly, do not leave out the prepping stage since it determines your general outcome. The process of painting a wall and a ceiling differs in some ways.

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