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Carpentry and Repair Service in Washington, DC

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If you’re looking for a company that truly values giving its customers the high quality and professional service they deserve, you’ve found the right people for the job. Signature House Painters provides its customers with the personalized service they’ve come to expect.

We’re offering our people the best in general residential renovations. Our expertise expands from remodeling kitchens, basements, electrical systems, carpentry, plumbing, painting, and bathrooms.

Signature House Painters has remained in the Washington D.C. area for quite a while. It’s our understanding that people expect great service from us. Let us try to service you with professional repair services.

Dealing with wood damage can lead to major issues. Making sure that wood is refinished quickly is essential to maintaining the property.

All the elements that a harsh winter can bring, like cold rain and heavy snow, can certainly take a toll on a home. The problems that come with summer, like heat and insect infestation, are no match for what our services can do. When the weather breaks out, refinishing exterior wood may be entirely necessary.

It’s important to tackle the small issues that come with a home before moving on to large problems. It’s possible for our experts to really delve into what’s causing the damage with a proper inspection. Seeing the cause of damage helps us better identify how to fix it. It’s easier to offer a solution for fixing issues that arise later when a proper inspection is carried out. It makes it so that the homeowner doesn’t have to wait to start on the next big project. Make sure you’re kept well in communication with those who refinish exterior wood.

Maintaining Fine Furniture

Generation after generation gets to enjoy wood furniture when it is properly maintained. It’s actually easier to do then you would think it would be. It’s important to be proactive when maximizing the life expectancy of the piece. Follow the proper guidelines to help maintain it until it’s an antique. Make sure there isn’t a lot of direct sunlight on the wood. Extreme changes in temperature can also damage the work of art. Humidity is the number one killer of wood furniture. It shouldn’t be kept in damp areas.

Finish Carpentry

We furnish and install trim packages that might include crown moldings, wainscoting, window castings, beadboard, and prehung doors. It’s all done by signature carpentry services.

Rough carpentry

You need the professionals who excel at providing homes with quality door frames and hardware. We have the best toilet accessories and furnishings around. It all includes installation.

Exterior Trim and Decks

We provide exterior finishes that include the following: Ipe Decking, Azek, and Trex. Remember to adhere closely to the manufacturer aspects that are provided through ABI.

Woodworking repair in Washington

We can help you with woodworking repair with following benefits:

  • Quality and Professional Manor of Service.
  • Gets to You Quickly.
  • Free Quote and Ease of Scheduling A Service.
  • Residential and Commercial Painting Services.

We’re eager to come to your aid. Tell us about your needs with our quick form. We’ll be back with you shortly.