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Washington, DC is home to a wide variety of historic and modern properties built in an equally diverse array of styles. What they all have in common is that they look best when provided with adequate maintenance, and part of that maintenance is periodic repainting. Our Service include, Exterior Painting in Washingtin DC and more.

Homeowners looking for a painting company whose technicians are as well-versed in working on Victorian and Tudor style homes as they are at restoring modern siding to its former glory have come to the right place. The technicians at Signature House Painters have all the skills, experience, and equipment to do it all.

The Professional Difference

Just like any other job, exterior painting requires a specialized skill set. Technicians need to be able to identify what paints will adhere the best to diverse materials, prime the surfaces correctly, then ensure that no detail goes unmissed to provide results that will last for years. The experts at Signature House Painters have plenty of experience working with:

  • Wood
  • Brick
  • Stucco
  • Aluminum
  • Stone
  • And many other materials.

Since the painters all live locally, they are also intimately familiar with Washington DC’s unique climate. That allows them to choose the right primers and paints to withstand harsh winters, rainy springs, and hot, humid summers without fading. No amateur can say the same.

Available Services

There’s more to getting a home’s exterior into top shape than just covering up the old paint. Thankfully, Signature House Painters in Washington DC can do it all. They can pressure wash exterior surfaces to remove dirt and grime, help homeowners choose colors and finishes that will perfectly complement their properties, and apply primers and paint to a diverse array of hardscaping features, from fences and railings to decks, patios, and more. When it comes to exterior painting washington dc residents can trust this company with all the work they need to get their properties back into perfect shape.

Unique Concerns for Historic Homeowners

Live in a historic home, or a recently built home designed to mimic a historic style? The design consultants and professional painters at Signature House Painters know what it takes to choose and apply colors that will help these properties maintain their historic authenticity. Painting federal-style, Victorian era, or Tudor revival homes poses some unique challenges, but these experts are up to the task.

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