Differences Between Paint and Stain

While shopping for your house painting project, you will have to choose between a stain or paint. At times, the two are used interchangeably because they perform the same function of adding color to a surface. However, paint and stain have significant dissimilarities.  

Before any house painting project, you will have to determine whether you need paint or stain for the task. Understanding the differences will be very helpful in deciding what to work with. Here are the ways to differentiate whether a surface requires painting or staining.  


When you open a can of paint and another can of paint, the stain appears thin while the paint is thicker. 


Both paint and stain require a brush for the application process. However, once you apply, a stain soaks on the surface while the paint covers the entire section even though the result will be similar. Also, the staining process is much easier compared to painting. 


A gallon of paint is more costly compared to a  similar quantity of stain. Staining does not require you to buy a primer, unlike painting, which requires priming a surface to ensure it adheres firmly. 


Painting allows you to choose from various colors and play around with them, unlike stain, which comes only in brown shades.  


Stains are much more economical to maintain compared to paints. Stains resist common problems encountered in paints such as; cracking, peeling, and blistering. 

Does a Surface Need Staining or Painting? 

Having seen the differences between stains and paints, you are likely to prefer one against the other based on the cost, maintenance, or ease of application. However, this is not the correct way to determine what the surface needs. Different types of surfaces will need distinct methods to add color.   

Staining is more preferred for wood substances since its blends in better. It allows you to enjoy the natural color of wood substances, unlike painting, which sits n the surface and covers it. So, if you are covering raw wood surfaces, then stains will give you a natural finish. 

However, you can consider paints if you are looking for a bolder finish on your surface.  

Therefore deciding on the painting will depend on your taste and the type of surface you would like to cover. Ask for advice from your local house painters before making a decision. The Signature House Painters team will help you make the best choice for all painting services in Washington.  


Paints are very beneficial and are essential in protecting surfaces and ensuring that your house is beautiful.

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