Which Parquet For Which Room?

Today we can lay parquet throughout the house. However, depending on the room where you want to install it, you will have to choose between the different types of floors and the many species of wood, or even the types of installation.

Choosing the right parquet according to the room in which you want to install it is essential if you do not want to miss your floor renovation work. From the bedroom to the bathroom, including the kitchen, here are some principles to know to choose the right parquet!

Some principles for choosing parquet

In living rooms such as the living room or the dining room, as a beginner you can easily install laminate laminate flooring. On the contrary, if you are an experienced handyman and if you have the means, do not hesitate to install a beautiful solid parquet, in nailed installation, more noble and more durable.

In the bedroom, laminate flooring is ideal, which has the double advantage of being the most economical and the easiest to install. But, if you are sensitive to the nobility of wood, opt for a laminate parquet, at a higher price but still reasonable.

In damp rooms like the bathroom or the kitchen, if you are seasoned and if you can afford it, use glued solid parquet. Otherwise, it is better to choose a special laminate parquet for wet rooms, easier to install and inexpensive.

What parquet for living rooms?

The living rooms are places where one receives, therefore of high passage. It is therefore advisable to choose the most solid parquet possible, therefore preferably solid parquet (100% wood) very thick. On the other hand, it will be necessary to take care to maintain it well by sanding it, by oiling it or by vitrifying it regularly, if one wants to avoid stains and scratches.

What parquet for the bedroom?

The bedroom is characterized as a quiet place where no street shoes are used. It can therefore withstand more fragile and thin parquet, as well as softer wood species.

In addition to its aesthetic appearance, the bedroom floor does not necessarily need to be solid wood. Engineered parquet may do the trick very well.

For the wood species of the parquet in the bedroom, we can turn to soft wood species (fir, pine, alder, spruce …) or semi-hard (cherry, teak, walnut, birch …).

Which parquet for damp rooms?

In damp rooms, wood and humidity do not mix well, it is only recently possible to install parquet.

On the other hand, some precautions are necessary. On the one hand, it is better to opt for an exotic solid parquet, such as bamboo, teak, wenge or merbau, because these species are resistant to water splashes, to steam … On the other hand, prefer laying glued to the floating installation, where water may infiltrate between the boards.

You can even use European species (ash, maritime pine, poplar or spruce) retified. This new oven treatment consists of heating the wood to rearrange its molecules and make it as resistant as exotic wood.

In general, laminate flooring should be avoided in damp rooms, as it cannot withstand humidity. Indeed, water is the number one enemy of laminate flooring: it gets into the gaps in the planks and makes the parquet easily curl.

However, some manufacturers have succeeded in creating a laminate parquet especially for damp rooms, by coating it with a waterproof vinyl resin, which makes it very resistant to humidity variations. You can therefore use it in these rooms, knowing that it will still be less resistant than a wooden floor.

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