Which Wall To Paint In Color?

If the painting has taken over our houses and apartments, it is not always easy to define which wall to paint in colors. Several parameters condition not only the choice of this location but also the preferred shade. And when one is fond of colorful associations, the task becomes even more complicated. However, painting or repainting your interior must remain a pleasure, let’s not forget that color has many benefits, not only from a strictly architectural point of view but also on our mood and our morale, promoting better sleep in the bedroom when used wisely, for example.

Consider the following parameters when painting a wall

The configuration of the room intended to be painted in color is very important: it is necessary to take into account the volume, its peculiarities, and in particular the location of the windows. “Generally, when you are in front of a window, what you want to see is what is happening outside, hence the idea of not putting color on this wall.” Painting the wall that is opposite or perpendicular to the openings is therefore a much more judicious choice, especially as a backlit shade appears very differently than if it is placed in a full light. For example, a medium gray applied in front of the window, versus a white applied to the wall including the opening: the result is an equivalent rendering, the impression that it is the same shade.

In particular, a colored wall is perceived differently depending on whether it is facing our visual field, or shortened, in a passageway for example. Facing yourself, it can be interesting to paint a wall in color, especially if you want to blend an element of the decor in its wake. This can be the case with an open kitchen, for example, thus integrated into the entire space; we will make sure to paint the furniture in the same tone.

Choosing the right paint color

Defining the color for painting a wall is usually a matter of taste. This choice is never risky, it refers to the elements that we are used to seeing, to holiday memories, or to a much more complex emotion, the fruit of our experience. The infinite variety of colors makes the final choice sometimes difficult. Fortunately, some brands offer limited color ranges that avoid being scattered.

If one color is not better or worse than another, the tone can influence the decision: Dark colors generally make it possible to re-proportion the space, light colors can light up a place.

In summary…

To define the wall to be painted in color, avoid a backlit application. Capitalize on the advantages of painting to correct the flaws in a room, structure the space or highlight an element of the decor (or on the contrary, make an unflattering detail disappears). Avoid multiplying colors and pay attention to color associations. Bet on a dark shade to give a new proportion to the space, on a light shade to enlarge a room. Play with contrasts to promote brightness. And above all, carry out tests and scenarios to ensure the final result. This can be using an A4 sheet painted in a dark shade, or directly on the wall if the color is light, easier to cover if needed.

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Which Wall To Paint In Color