Common House Painting Mistakes and How to Avoid them

Everyone wishes to have a good paint job in their house. With some painting steps being challenging and time-consuming, a painter is likely to make assumptions and skip an essential process. Let us discuss some of the most common house painting mistakes and ways to avoid them for the best results.  

Skipping the prepping stage 

When most people decide to do their painting, they tend to overlook the preparation phase, which is critical before the ideal painting.  

Please read our article on how to prepare a house for painting. Also, ensure you are patient enough to complete each of the preparation stages.   

Painting without a primer 

Someone would assume that an old wall does not need a primer since there is already existing paint. A primer covers flaws and makes them invisible over the topcoat. Always use a primer to ensure your paint lasts longer and wall damages are not exposed.  

Applying paint on a glossy surface 

The paint does not adhere well to a glossy surface and leaves the walls looking terrible. If there is an overcoat on the wall to ensure it roughens, then wipe using water.  

Using painter’s tape incorrectly 

Remove air bubbles with a putty knife and not using your hands. Also, you should not let the tape stay for too long after your paint dries.  

Leaving one paint coat 

House painting requires patience and time dedication. One mistake that most painters make is leaving a single coating layer. A perfect painting requires about two layers of coat for excellent results. A double coat makes the color look richer and last longer. 

Using excess paint on the roller or paintbrush 

You would think that the more paint on your roller, the easier the painting job. This is a choice you will end up regretting. When the roller has too much paint, it drips and spreads ununiformly. To avoid this, dip the paintbrush or roller lightly in the paint and eliminate any dripping paint before touching the working area.  

Choosing inexperienced painting contractors 

Signature house painters will never go wrong with your painting needs. Always perform a rather background research before settling on which company to hire. If you are in Washington DC, call (202) 280-2694 to get a free estimate for a quality painting job.   

Using the wrong paint 

Before starting the painting process, always ensure you use the correct paint color, quality, and type. The paint used for the interior is different from the one you would use for the house’s exterior part. When it comes to color, make sure to pick more modern schemes. 


Some painting mistakes may be a little hard to avoid. However, recent advancements in painting technology provide a better and safe painting solution.

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