Tips for Exterior House Painting

The exterior section of a house is usually exposed and is likely to get damaged easily compared to the interior. The painting also fades if you do not quality paint that can last regardless of the weather condition.  

Exterior painting is somewhat more challenging, from choosing the right colors to deciding which paint is more suitable. Here are tips house painters can use while painting the exterior part of any building. 

Use the right paint  

Paints come in different colors and functionalities too. A paint that is meant for interior painting cannot be used for the exterior. Another point to look out for is whether to use latex, oil-based, or water-based paints. You can always ask for help at the store before purchasing.  

Go for the best quality 

The higher the quality, the less likely you are to keep repainting the building. High-quality paints turn out to be more expensive but are worth the investment since they last longer. Always choose quality over price since it will save you on costs which you would incur in the future.  

Check weather conditions 

When it’s too sunny or windy, the paint dries out very fast, making it challenging to remove lap marks.  The wind may also blow dust particles to the wet paint making it appear dirty. Even though exterior paints are waterproof, it could be washed away if it rains before the paint is dry.  

Use safety equipment 

You should invest in safety equipment such as gloves, eye goggles, masks, and ear protection if the process is very noisy. A good ladder is also an essential piece of equipment because and accidents may occur when climbing to the top.  

Sand before painting 

The paint does not look good on rough surfaces. Ensure you smoothen and fill any holes in the area to create a uniform surface.  

Always use a primer 

Priming provides a uniform base for the topcoat to adhere. You can also opt to use modern technology paints that combine the overcoat and the primer. However, do enough research before you settle for this option.   

Exterior House Painters in Washington 

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Once you use all these tips, the exterior painting will turn out to be much more fun. You will also achieve the best look for your building. Always remember to prepare your house and compound before painting begins. Importantly, always ensure you paint in the right weather conditions.

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