How to Prep a House for Painting

House painting is challenging and troublesome, especially if you do not know where to begin from. Before you start painting, you have to ensure that the house is ready and nothing will interfere with the entire process. Putting some effort into the prep will help increase the lifespan of the paint job. 

 The reparation may include cleaning or creating enough working space. Here are ways you can prepare a house for the paint job to ensure it lasts longer.  

Move and cover furniture. 

You want to ensure that the painting job does not bring you losses. Move furniture away from the walls and then cover using a drop cloth. While painting, paint drops may fall on your furniture, creating additional work. You can also decide to move tables, chairs, or cupboards to the next room to create enough working space. You can also opt to place this furniture outside the house then return it once the interior painting is complete.   

Wash the surfaces  

Why should you wash yet paint will cover the entire surface? Washing removes dirt, which could otherwise cause paint stains if paint layers are added on top. It also allows the paint to adhere to the surface easily.   

Scrape off loose paints 

Once the surface dries, using a paint scraper, scrape all the flaking paints. This process requires patience since it’s tiring and boring. You should not scrape when your surface is wet may as it may cause more paint flakes.   

Repair worn-out parts 

Damaged areas will still appear even when you apply multiple layers of paint over them. New painting makes the damaged part more visible. Caulk sections that have cracks and joint areas. This step is challenging and requires professional assistance. Signature house painters provide excellent repair services in Washington DC.  

Clear bushes for exterior painting  

You will need a clear working area while painting the outer section of the house. Make sure to clear all the ushes and cut and nearby grass. Also, trim trees that are close to the building. Close tree branches slow the process and may interfere with the wet paint.   


Any painting job requires adequate preparation to attain the best outcome. Take note of these preparation steps for higher working efficiency and evade frustrations that may make you work for longer hours. To avoid shoddy work, you also need to master the right painting process depending on your work’s surface.

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