How To Bring Light To A Dark Room

Day after day and insidiously, the lack of natural light in the house has immediate repercussions on the morale and health of its inhabitants: irritable mood, reduced motivation, and permanent fatigue. In a dark room, it is essential to find tips to bring in the light and create a feeling of well-being. Layout of the room, the choice of furniture, decoration, colors, and materials … Certain reflexes make it possible to optimize natural lighting to provide a feeling of space and create a warm atmosphere. Follow the easy-to-apply advice of an interior designer and enjoy a bright space where life is good.

In a room, when windows and natural light are lacking, the atmosphere becomes dark, not very warm, and quite cold. This can be a factor of daily discomfort, light being necessary for our balance and good health. On the contrary, a brighter room offers living comfort with optimal visibility, especially in the kitchen or the bathroom, these technical rooms requiring maximum lighting. Enjoying beautiful natural light also results in the limited use of luminaires and reduced energy consumption.

Declutter the space around windows in a dark room

Without paying attention, many people install furniture near openings. “The first thing is to free up the space around the windows. We remove the piece of furniture nearby, even if it is not glued to the wall, within a radius of 40 cm around it. Opening. The furniture, especially imposing, obstructs the passage of light and eats up the glazed space. ” In front or on the sides, it is necessary to create a little space to bring as much light as possible to the whole room.

Favor warm colors on the walls of a dark room

In a dull room, the color of the walls is very important. “The colors are preferably warm to limit the feeling of a cold atmosphere. And that does not necessarily mean bright colors! We often forget a whole palette of tones, such as pink or taupe. “

The colors can also be slightly tinted with yellow to warm the mood. “The white tends a little towards the eggshell tone to avoid the optical white side. Likewise, green or gray are preferably tinted with a touch of yellow to avoid being cold.. “

Opt for light furniture to let in the light

Instead of imposing furniture in dark colors, choose minimalist and light furniture. “Blond or white wood furniture, for example, gives an impression of warmth, . We choose them with a light base to limit the footprint.”

Multiply the sources of light in a dark room

In order to leave no shadowy area, natural light needs to be reinforced by artificial lighting by increasing the number of luminaires. “The lighting must be as diffuse as possible with a suspension that spreads the light over the entire ceiling and not just over a limited area.” Depending on the room, the time, what you are doing and the amount of natural light, we adapt the artificial lighting with table lamps, floor lamps, floor lamps, etc. The light must be soft and diffused.

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Bring Light To A Dark Room