Factors to Consider when Selecting House Paint

Paints are available in different colors, quality, and types. This means that you have a variety of options to select what suits you best. If you are not a professional, making the right decision on which paint will work best might be a little challenging.   

First, you need to know the different paints and the factors you should consider when picking your paint. Selecting the color will be easier once you know what paint type and quality are best for you.  

  • Type 

House paints come in different varieties, and you will have to understand all the paint types and what each paint is used for.  

1.Oil-based paint  

This paint uses a lead base and is applied in three coats; primer, undercoat, and a finish. Oil paint is used on metal structures such as doors and windows.  

2. Water-based paints 

Most wall paints are water-based. This type of paint is preferred because it does not require pre-treatment and does not support molds and mildew growth. They have low VOC levels and dry and clean quickly.  

3. Plastic paint 

This paint is used for ceilings, walls in showrooms or auditoriums. You can also apply it on decks and slabs. 

4. Latex paint  

Latex is the best-preferred paint since it is easy to clean and has high durability.   

  • Interior or exterior 

First, determine which area of the house you want to paint. You cannot Interior paint cannot be used for exterior sections of the house.  

  • Color 

Choose colors that work best for you, or if you want to repaint using the existing color, go with a sample to the store while buying. Paints have dark or brighter shades, and it could be challenging to differentiate the one you want. 

  • Sheen  

Paints also come in different sheens. The glossier your paint is, the easier it is to clean. For rooms such as the kitchen or children’s play area, always use paints with a high sheen since it’s easy to wipe any spills or markings.   

Ask for Professional Help 

Trying to take all these aspects, such as color, sheen, and paint type, into consideration is very challenging. SignatureHouse Painters has a team of professionals who can guide and help you make the right paint choices before the project begins.  


Making a paint choice is also an essential aspect in achieving the best returns. You can ask for assistance at the store before purchasing to avoid buying a paint that will disappoint you instead. Also, consider current color trends to modernize your house.  

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