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A little paint gives the decoration another life. In an office area, living room, kitchen, or bedroom, color brings a certain personality to the room. Depending on the shade chosen, the paint can also create a feeling of space or delimit an area. With different qualities specific to each tone, a yellow is solar, an almond green is soothing and a pink enveloping. In keeping with the times, dark colors have pride of place in the house and are everywhere. On a section of wall, a midnight blue creates a beautiful contrast and sublimates a mirror or a frame. Through an eclectic and trendy color chart, draw great ideas for repainting the house and sprinkling inspired colors in the decoration.

1. 1. A mat green for a country entrance

The green, like an echo in the surrounding nature, is a soothing color that fits into an entrance hall, living room and even bedroom. It creates an enveloping atmosphere that can be combined with all styles of decoration.

2. A colorful trio in the kitchen

Very resistant to wear, this range of paints is used in parts with heavy use. The kitchen is the perfect place to put it into practice. And even if it means repainting this central room of the house, you might as well bet on a colorful trio, both soft and full of joy. From bottom to top, the hues of blue, yellow, and beige follow a well-thought-out color gradient.

3. A soft pink for a soothing office area

Halfway between warm colors and neutral tones, pink has many variations. In an office, he exudes a peaceful atmosphere, conducive to concentration. To create a decorative wedding, it is combined with a midnight blue for an intense contrast.

4. Yellow in a dapper hallway

Solar and cheerful, yellow is popular in transitional spaces such as a hallway. It awakens the character of the place, often absent or dull. Next to a window, the color takes on varying shades throughout the day. Yellow goes well with gray, blue, or other warm shades.

5. A decorative living room with pastel

Trend for several seasons, the pastel colors settle down like timeless colors and full of lightness. In a living room or a dining room, they bring a zest of good humor and a decorative style.

6. Gray blue for gentle cooking

On the kitchen furniture, color is essential for a room of character. The facades are tinted with a gray blue and contrast with a pale pink splashback. Tones associated with a noble material such as marble for a very elegant and soft set.

7 . A range of warm tones for a cozy living room

In keeping with the times, the warm colors are reminiscent of natural materials, a certain texture. A brown with its nuances is perfect in a living room where it gives off a cozy and warm atmosphere. A few touches of white bring a little contrast to the color.

8. Green in a natural bathroom

Linked to the nature and current aspirations, green is in demand for all rooms of the house. Within the bathroom, it is a coveted color in a soft shade close to blue.

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