Modern Color Trends for House Painting

Painting technology is continually evolving, just like any other industry. Nowadays, it is not just about picking one color for the walls. The traditional white and cream walls are becoming outdated since people opt to try out newer color combinations. With the more vibrant shades that have come up, the house looks more stylish. 

Are you looking for the best colors to use in your house today? Here are the modern color trends to make your house up to date.  


Gray has a variety of shades, from the darkest to the lightest shade. Lilac gray brings in a warmer and neutral effect to your space. The color looks trendy for bathrooms, cabinets, or bedrooms.  


Talk of embracing bright color schemes for both the interior and exterior of a house. When blended with lighter colors, mustard is anything you would wish to add to your home. Golden mustard is now being used for a gold looking finish.  


Olive green, dark green give a peaceful, serene feeling to the room. These colors blend well with neutrals, which complement their richness.  


Coral is the most trending color today. It is made from playing around with the orange and pin. The color adds a splash of life and sets the mood to be more energizing.   


Warm blue color can easily change the entire mood in a room. There are numerous new shades of blue that you can pick from. 


This is another trending color that gives the space a natural look like most browns. Mushroom complements natural furnishing and is very appealing.  

How to choose the right color scheme 

Deciding on the right color combination or a house is quite challenging. That’s why experienced house painters like Signature house painters provide such services. A team of professionals will help guide you on the best color schemes depending on the context, whether it’s a commercial or residential house.   

Using your favorite color as the base, you can get a list of colors that blend with it to give a good color scheme. 


Choosing a paint color is all about playing with our favorites to get a scheme that you would love. However, professional help from an interior designer or painting contractor is necessary. Otherwise, the wrong combination will make the house look messy even when the paint is new. Once you get the paint, you should prepare the home for painting.

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