Recent Trends in Paint Technology

With each passing day, technology keeps evolving in each industry, and the painting sector is not left behind. People always think that house painting is all about buying a can of paint and a roller. 

If you’re thinking of home improvement or house painting, you need to note the industry’s current advancements. Once you understand the technology, you will make wise decisions to give your house a modern look. Let’s discuss some of the recent developments in paint technology. 

Advanced tools 

Professionals house painters do not use ordinary traditional tools for their job. Technology has seen a considerable improvement in the painting industry. Newer tools that make the process easier have been developed, thus saving the professional on time. Tools such as paint sprayers and unique paint mixers that do not require too much human input are huge.   

Bacteria-resistant paints 

New technological advancements are including formulas that make paints antibacterial and resistant to all types of germs. This is an excellent development from the traditional ones, which had harmful compounds. Technology is taking care of your wellbeing.  

Waterproofing technology 

Crystalline is now being used to penetrate through the cement, thus providing a longer-lasting waterproofing than the earlier-day acrylic polymer. 

Washable paints 

Repainting the house regularly turns out to be way expensive. Manufacturers are making newer paints that can be washed easily thus have higher durability.  

Ecofriendly paints 

Paints with zero or low VOC compounds are affordable and work great. These paints are no only preferred because they are cheaper but also because they safeguard your health, unlike synthetic paints. 

3D Visualisation technology 

Since choosing a color combination is very challenging, technology has made work more manageable. Most companies are now using 3D technologies to help the customer glimpse how a house would look like with a specific color scheme. It gives you the freedom to try different combinations and pick one that you love.   

With the advanced house painting technology, painters can achieve the best painting results more effectively. The benefits of moisture absorption, antibacterial paints, and a way to visualize a house before the actual painting are not achievable if you do the painting for yourself. 


With Signature House Painters, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of technological advancements. Our team of professionals will guide you by helping you choose which paints will be best for durability and maintaining your health.

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