Traps To Avoid If You're Painting Your Room Yourself

Are you embarking on a painting project and want to repaint a wall, floor, ceiling yourself? Follow our advice so as not to fall into the most common traps, and spoil the decoration of your room’s … Choice and quantity of paint, passage of the roller, the preparation of the support, and the site to paint well yourself.

If you need to paint your interior yourself to refresh your decor without breaking the bank, beware of too much rush. By wanting to paint too quickly, you risk doing silly things and regret it! This is why Signature House has pointed out some mistakes to avoid so that your wall or floor-painting project does not turn into a nightmare …

Trap 1: Carelessness

A tin of paint spilled on the carpet or the parquet, a piece of furniture stained by a splash, it is very complicated to clean. So, before moving on to the painting phase, there is one rule that must be observed: protect your site, in order to avoid material damage or even bodily harm …

And what to do in case of a stain? It is already too late … The drop of too much on the brush and here is a nice spot of paint! To remedy it as quickly as possible, follow Signature House advice. – In the event of a stain with glycerol paint: remove excess paint from fabrics, curtains, carpets, and other textiles with a scraper or knife. Once the excess is removed, wipe it down with white spirit. – In the event of a stain with acrylic paint: also remove the excess with a knife or a scraper then clean in cold water with a little soap and rub with a nail brush. – If the paint is already dry: dab the stain with a little rubbing alcohol on a cloth.

Trap 2: using unsuitable material to paint a wall

Rollers that are too thin, brushes losing their hair … A low-end material or unsuitable for the quality of the paint will complicate your task. You will spend more time painting, the result will be likely to be uneven, it will be impossible to use them a second time, there will probably be unsightly drips and splashes.

A good brush should be conical and have long bristles that are firmly attached to the handle, which is better to choose raw wood (instead of plastic or painted wood) for a better grip. It is better to use synthetic bristles when painting with an aqueous emulsion-based paint, called water-based paint. On the other hand, wool and natural silk are recommended when using solvent-based paint, known as glycerol. Again, do not hesitate to seek advice from the salespeople in specialized stores, they will direct you to the appropriate products.

Short-haired rollers will be reserved for lacquers, and glossy paints, short or medium-haired models will be perfect for satin and Matt, anti-drip will be essential for ceilings. Finally, a large enough tray with a grid will allow the excess paint to drain before rolling. For baseboards and all flat surfaces, it is best to use flat brushes. On the other hand, it is necessary to use round brushes to paint the moldings or the angles of walls. As for the radiators, the corners of which are not easy to access, they will require the use of special brushes, angled, and long handled.

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Avoid Painting Your Room Yourself