Best Painting Techniques And Tricks

In recent years, the walls of the house are no longer simply whitewashed, in addition to the return of wallpapers and wall decorations with stencils, different painting techniques are used to customize the environments.

In fact, besides the classic painting with a brush or roller, there are alternative ways to paint the walls of your home, all quite simple to do, even if you are not an expert painter. Let’s find out together, those are the most used painting techniques and the tricks to obtain excellent results, even with DIY.

Spray painting: specifications and benefits

With spray painting you can renew the look of your home, in no time without spending a fortune. The main features of this technique are:

• Speed of executions

• Quick drying

• Low paint consumption

Spray paint is perfect for evenly whitening large surfaces. This is a quick and easy whitening method to do. This technique, with the help of a compressor and a spray gun, allows you to transfer the paint onto the wall, without direct contact (as happens when you paint with a brush), but by nebulising it with a jet of compressed air.

To get a professional result and a flawless finish, remember to dilute the paint correctly; the compound must be fluid and homogeneous, both to avoid the formation of lumps and to favor vaporization (acrylic paints, which can be diluted with water, are particularly suitable). For a perfectly smooth surface, position yourself about 20 cm from the wall and start painting, proceeding from top to bottom. Remember to avoid circular movements, in this way you will be sure not to find imperfections on the wall.

Buffered paint: specifications and benefits

With the buffered technique you can get truly original results and give a personal touch to the walls of your home. The main features of this technique are:

• Ease of execution

• Low costs

• Customizable decorations

It is a very technical simple, you can try to experiment even alone. This technique is characterized by a ‘rippled’ effect on the surface, obtained thanks to the use of a particular tool called a tampon. On the market there are different types of pads, each with a particular decoration (crumpled effect and wrinkled surface, fake wood effect, and spatula effect). Let’s see in detail what is the procedure to be performed, to achieve this technique in the best way.

First of all, with a brush to spread the paint on the wall of the chosen color, once dry, dip the pad in another paint of the same color, but of a different shade (darker or lighter). At this point you can move on to the actual infill and tap the wall with the pad. Remember to proceed by dabbing small portions of the wall at a time. The effect of the tamponade is at your total discretion, you can decide to get a more full-bodied effect by going over the same point several times or, limit yourself to a single touch. This choice obviously depends on your inclinationsaesthetics and your personal taste. A little trick, which you can adopt during the infill work, is to move away from the wall from time to time, to check the overall effect.

Spatolato: specifications and benefits

The advantages of the spatula technique are:

• Great decorative effect

• Long execution times

• High costs

The decorative technique of the spatula is one of the most widespread wall decorations. It is a complex technique, but with a great scenic effect, ideal for classic environments. Thanks to the overlapping of signs and irregular lines and the presence of glazes and contrasts, the spatula creates a very interesting three-dimensional visual effect. To create a wall with this technique, instead of the brush or roller, a metal spatula is used and proceeds by making several passes. This is a more expensive painting technique of the previous ones, which requires experience and knowledge, for this reason, if you opt for the spatula, it is better to rely on an expert.

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Painting Techniques And Tricks