Living Room Wall Color Ideas

The living room is undoubtedly one of the most used rooms in the house. To welcome guests, watch a film or organize a dinner with friends, the atmosphere of conviviality and intimacy that reigns in the living room is something unique. To make this part of the house even more welcoming, you can revise the furniture or just give it a refresh. In this article we will see how the choice of wall colors is essential to give our living room a completely different look!


The latest trends see the classic light colors give way to new bold and bold shades to give the room an important role. The red, in all its nuances, is one of the most used colors. The less lively tones of this gradation are burgundy, and opaque red, but if you are ready to give a really strong touch you can opt for a bright red that gives light and intensity to the room.

This color has always been a symbol of passion and love and is perfect for creating a warm atmosphere in the living room.

A very trendy alternative in the last year is the purple color, able to give the room a futuristic vision, highlighting any space. Often combined with gray or yellow furnishing accessories, it gives the living room an incredibly modern look but it is an option reserved only for the bravest! If you want to be more cautious, you can opt for a lighter, less aggressive shade of purple.

To create an atmosphere of relaxation and immensity, paint the walls of your living room with blue, the color of the sky and the sea in all its shades. Beautiful in all its shades, it is often combined with shabby chic style furniture and gives your living room a relaxing and bright atmosphere.


Are you a lover of light colors? Then you can’t do without Living Coral , a coral shade chosen by Pantone for this year, enveloping and full of vitality that infuses energy and lightheartedness. Inspiring and elusive, it will create a lively yet elegant atmosphere.

Space also for light green! Paint your living room in this shade to give a lot of brightness to the whole room and create a fresh and relaxing environment. Thanks to this shade your living room will be a constant reminder of nature, instilling a beautiful feeling of freedom and serenity, creating a deep bond between the internal and external environment.


One last tip that we recommend in this article is to decorate only one wall with wallpaper. It seems like a return to the past but by now we know vintage is a real trend!

Whether it’s geometric decorations, bricks, vertical stripes, or green trees, the wallpaper gives the living room an almost paradoxical touch of modernity that can also be combined with the colors we just talked about.

Now that you have a clearer idea of the color of the walls, enjoy your living room. Use bright colors or soft colors to give the mood you want.

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Living Room Wall Color Ideas