How To Paint The House Without Damaging The Floor Or The Furniture?

How many times have you thought about painting the walls of your house, but then the idea of finding yourself with paint stains on the furniture and dust everywhere made you give up?

How can I blame you! Deciding to whitewash your home can be very challenging and without the right organization you run the risk of making a real mess.

In order not to damage the furnishings and floors , here are some small tips to follow before starting to whitewash the walls.


Before starting to whitewash it is impoWant to free up the space and organize the environment: only in this way will you be able to work easily and protect the furnishings, fixtures, and all the elements that could be damaged.

First, gather all the furniture in the center of the room and cover it with a plastic sheet. To facilitate this operation, you can put sheets or rags under the legs of the heavier furniture (such as the sofa, the cupboard), in this way you can move them with much less effort and without scratching the floor.

For a work of art, remove the external plates of the sockets and isolate the switches, this way you will avoid staining them with accidental brush strokes, smudges, or any drips.


Once the furnishings are sheltered, the floors must be protected. Covering the floor may seem like a long and tedious job, but you will find that it will save you a lot of time and avoid unnecessary effort to clean everything after the job is done (removing paint stains once dry is much more boring!)

To cover the floor you can use different materials:

1. Recycled rags

To cover the most delicate surfaces, such as parquet or terracotta, we recommend purchasing practical rolls of recycled rags. This material is usually used in workshops or used for coarser jobs, but it is also perfect for absorbing paint stains, inevitable when whitewashing walls. It is easily available in DIY stores at a very low cost.

2. Cardboard

To protect the floors you can use simple cardboard or buy corrugated cardboard sheets, thicker and more resistant, perfect for protecting marble floors and all surfaces that require breathability (remember to position the corrugated part in view).


After placing the furniture in the center of the room, you can cover it with thin plastic sheets or sheets which, while on the one hand are less effective in preserving the floors from paint, on the other hand they are really useful for protecting the furniture from dust, that are created during the whitewashing works.

Also, using paper tape, be sure to cover the jambs of windows, doors, and even all skirting boards (do not use transparent scotch tape or packing tape, as they leave residues that could damage the surfaces).

Apply light pressure on the paper tape to make it adhere to the paint cannot pierce.

Now that everything is ready, all you have to do is start painting the house. Follow our guide for a perfect DIY job!

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Paint The House Without Damaging The Floor Or The Furniture