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Alexandria House Painters

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Signature House Painters is one of the leading house painting service companies in Alexandria. For all your house painting services, we are the leading and experienced team.

We do not just provide house painting services, you can trust us in a wide range of services in your home.

Other Services

We offer these services in your home or commercial buildings to keep them appear perfect and in great shape.

Exterior Painting

We can handle any painting needs in Alexandria. We paint different surfaces such as wood, stucco, vinyl, brick, and more.

Our team is experienced and knows the best and most suitable paints for different types of floors.

Do not worry about the type of surface your home is made of, we know what we do and we have the experience needed to give the best results beyond your expectations.

Interior Painting

Whether it’s your large commercial space or just a small single room in your home, Signature House Painters will help you with any of these projects.

We can also help you coordinate the colors and choose the best ones for your space.

We can paint any room in your home, hallways, staircases, and anywhere you want to be painted.

Drywall Installation and repair

If you also need drywall installation, replacement, or repair services in your home, you do not need to worry about hiring another contractor. We have a team specifically for this. We can help you with any drywall repair services you need to turn back your home into an attractive residential space.

Our team can patch, sand, and prime damaged drywalls. We can also replace or install new drywall to create a perfect environment for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will it Cost to paint my building?

The cost of painting your building varies depending on several factors such as its footprint and height. The best way to determine how much you will pay for the services is to request a free quote from us.

How long does it take to complete a painting project?

A single-family home or a small building can take up to a week to paint. A large building such s commercial buildings can take a few weeks. You can get the exact time frame after we assess your building.

How often should I repaint my building?

Most experts recommend painting your building every five to ten years. However, this period varies depending on the material being painted.

Can the building remain occupied during the painting process?

Most commercial buildings close their doors for interior paintings and remain open during the exterior paintings. If painting is being done in your home, we can work around your schedule and you can decide to stay while it’s being done or look for a place to stay during painting.

Where are you located?

Signature House Painters provide its painting services in Alexandria, Washington, Bethesda, and nearby areas. Contact us today for a free quote.