Kitchen fire

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This extract has been taken from “AARP Guide to Revitalizing your home Beautiful living for the second half of life Re-imagine, Redesign, Remodel Rosemary Bakker”. Kitchen Fire involves unsaturated cooking oils in well-insulated cooking appliances located in commercial kitchens. “Painters Washington DC” helps you to deal with this kind of issue which might be fatal.

Kitchen fires

Did you know that most home fires start in the kitchen due to unattended cooking? Because this room presents more hazards you need safety products that can help prevent a fire from ever starting, warn you of one in process, and extinguish the flames safely and efficiently. Here are some ways you can make sure your kitchen is a safe place to be.

Preventing a fire

  • Use a portable timer with a long, loud ring that can be taken with you to different rooms or that you can hear from another room. Most kitchen fires start because cooking food is left forgotten on the stove when the phone rings in another room, or when the cook begins a different activity somewhere else in the house. Some people like to wear a timer around their neck.
  • Use an electric teakettle that shuts off automatically when the water boils.
  • Install an automatic shut-off timer on electric stoves to reduce the possibility that unattended or forgotten pots might start a fire.
  • Use low- temperature electric burners or an induction cook-top.
  • Use only those appliances that have timers and auto turn-off features.
Kitchen Fire - Smoke detector
Smoke detector

Smoke & fire warning

  • Smoke alarms are a must, but place them outside the kitchen proper to avoid nuisance alarms from ordinary cooking smoke.
  • Purchase an easy- to- maintain smoke alarm with lithium batteries that will last for 10 years. Or have the appliances wired into the home’s electrical system, eliminating the need for batteries altogether. Place an alarm outside the bedroom and on every floor of the house.

Putting out a fire

  • Place a fire extinguisher within easy reach in the kitchen, and be sure you know how to use it. If you need to find the directions and read them before using the equipment, chances are your fire will already have burned out of control.
  • Check the extinguisher periodically, according to the manufacturer’s directions, to be sure it’s in proper working order. You’ll be happy to know that the new generation of fire extinguishers is so well designed (I never thought I’d say this about fire extinguishers) and easy to use, you won’t mind their sitting right on a counter-top within easy reach.
  • Install an automatic fire extinguisher in your range hood. This affordably priced product, a fire extinguisher in a small can, attaches magnetically under the hood. When a stove-top fire occurs and the flames reach the can, the extinguisher automatically releases fire- suppressing powder onto the fire.
  • You can also install an automatic, but quite expensive, fire extinguisher that not only puts out a stove-top fire but also turns the electric power or gas off.
  • If you’re undergoing extensive remodeling and money isn’t a concern, install a whole- house fire sprinkler system. It can dramatically reduce property damage and- more important- save lives.
Kitchen Fire -Fire extinguisher
Fire extinguisher

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