Roller Or Spray Paint? The Best Option

Want to paint your house? There are several tools to use: brushes, roller, and gun. For some time the latter has started to attract the attention of apprentice painters and professionals. How do you paint with a gun? What advantages can we derive from this process? What are the advantages of roller painting? These are all questions that need to capture your attention. We recommend that you follow our guide and advice from an artisan painter to better choose between roller or spray painting.

Some notions for painting with a spray gun

Different from roller or brush painting, spray painting is starting to take hold. With this method, the paint leaves fine drops on your wall. So, it is best to thin the paint before using a spray gun. Unlike brushes and rollers, which require the use of much more viscous paint, the spray gun requires very liquid paint. A dilution with 5 to 10℅ of water or white spirit is recommended. Moreover, the viscometer of the gun allows you to gauge the necessary viscosity.

Theoretically, there are two types of paint gun: the compressed-air gun and the electric gun. The former offers high precision and a high-end finish. It is also the preferred tool of professionals since it can be used to paint a very large surface in record time. The second is lighter and easier to handle. It is useful for painting medium surfaces, doors, or furniture.

Painting with a roller: its advantages and limitations

Roller painting is significantly less expensive compared to using other tools. They are also among the easiest products to find in DIY stores and specialist painters, the roller is very practical. It is also very easy to use and suitable even for beginners. Its use does not require specific knowledge and yet, the results obtained are just as satisfactory.

Despite so many advantages, painting with a roller takes longer. On average, this requires a whole day of additional work compared to the gun. But despite this period of application, it remains faster and more economical. Indeed, painting work often requires different finishes, depending on your media, your chosen colors, which makes the finishing work more difficult to achieve with the paint gun.

The advantages of spray painting

As for the gun, it is useful for painting undercoats when you have a very large surface or places that are difficult to access. Since it takes less time, it is obvious that spray painting requires less physical effort compared to that with a roller, although wearing the cartridge mask is inconvenient over time. It nevertheless asks to provide meticulous work. And mastering the gesture for a paint finish requires a lot, a lot of experience. There is obviously a lot of work to protect and clean the machine to take into account in your calculation.

Painting with a spray gun could be very fast provided you master the necessary gestures. The ideal is to stand at a reasonable distance, between 20 to 35cm from the support. These useful gestures are also done during the application. You should use the forearm but not the wrist. In short, the use of a gun might seem easy to identify for a novice but to have a professional result, you have to know a minimum of your painting station and avoid mistakes.that you may meet. Artisan painters often use it in new homes, because they have complete control over the process and the protections are less. It is ideal for the underlay, but more complicated to implement for the finish, because you have to protect your matt white ceilings, to make your walls satin, and protect the walls to make your white satin woodwork.

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