How To Succeed In Your Interior Decoration?

We all receive information through our senses. Among these, the visual is one of the most powerful, which makes decoration for a house what clothing is for a person. This is what makes it possible to have an opinion on the owner of the house, on his tastes, on his personality. It is therefore essential to have a successful home decor in terms of the choice of paints, wallpapers, equipment, lighting, decorative paintings, among others.

What is a successful interior decoration?

A successful interior decoration is a harmonious and personalized decoration. After all, this is your home. You should feel comfortable there more than anyone else. However, you cannot afford to have carte blanche in everything. There are minimum rules to follow. Throughout this orchestra, painting and lighting are central points. The balance between these two allows you to have an irreproachable decoration. Indeed, it is the paint that gives life to your home and it is the lighting that enhances its value. No one dreams of living in an unpainted house, but you still have to choose the right colors. It is first of all a matter of freely choosing a key color before choosing the colors that harmonize with it. The lights must be at the back of the room or on the ceiling in order to highlight the entire space of your homes.

What are the decorative elements of a house?

The items to emphasize depend on the size of your home, your living space and volume. It is obvious that the decorative elements of a narrow room are not the same as the decorative elements of a large room. Thus, mirrors can be used to make a room appear larger than it is by reflecting light and being placed and positioned in a certain way.

Changing the decor of your home can involve fairly simple elements such as changing a wall chart and cushions, adding a mirror and a rug (preferably anti-dust mites), etc. if you know how to do it, you may not need to do massive work or change heavy furniture. Just changing the color of the paint completely changes the face of the room. So we can make a room warm and welcoming by changing a dull color by

a warm color or by pastel colors. Do not hesitate to have your furniture repainted for a second life in your new decoration space.

Some tips

There are several tips for a successful decor. The first thing to do is to have an overall reference objective (to make the room spacious, warm, intimate, trendy, etc.). So, to direct light, false ceilings are a great way to give a room the look you want, regardless of its size or structure or lack of sunlight.

In the kitchen it will be necessary to decorate according to your work plan and splashback. You can install a kitchen island and a sink, but above all choose a cheerful paint color that makes you want to cook. Preferably avoid colors like black, blue or gray.

For an effect of enlargement of the rooms and for dark rooms, favor pastel or white shades. Dark shades tend to shrink rooms. If you want a dark shade in a small room, paint the wall taking in the least natural light and the others in a light shade.

Best advice

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