How To Paint A Wooden House

Exterior painting of a wooden house is one of the most popular options for its decorative finishes. The aesthetics of the facade, as well as the preservation of the original characteristics of the wood, depend on how professionally this stage of construction is performed. In addition, re-staining helps to restore the beauty of the façade of an old house, the walls of which have lost their attractive appearance.

Why does a tree need painting?

Without protective treatment on the outside, wood quickly loses its attractive appearance and original structure. The condition of the material deteriorates under the influence of the following factors:

• Natural aging of wood, which, in the absence of protection, proceeds much faster.

• Exposure to solar radiation, atmospheric moisture, wind, temperature extremes.

• Destruction of the tree structure by various insects, molds.

• Treatment with antiseptic and coloring agents helps to slow down the aging process of wood material, keeps it in good condition for a long time. In addition, painting improves the appearance of a wooden house, making it more effective.

Preparing wooden walls for painting

Before applying the coloring material, as a rule, preliminary processing of the external walls is carried out, the features of which depend on the type, and condition of the material, as well as the wishes of the future owner of the cottage.

Stages of preparatory work:

• Grinding: Performed with a grinder or sandpaper. The cutting-grain fraction and the number of passes depend on the condition of the wood.

• Cleaning. The sanded surface is freed from dust with dry brushes.

• Padding. The wood is treated with an antiseptic primer, which protects the material from moisture.

If necessary, after priming, an intercoat sanding can be carried out to remove lint consisting of wood fibers.

How to paint the exterior walls of a wooden house

When painting wooden facades, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions from the manufacturer of the paint and varnish material. It is possible to start decorative finishing of walls and fronts only after the primer layer is completely dry. The weather should also be dry, without precipitation. When using oil paints, it is important to make sure that no rain is forecasted in the coming days.

The paint is evenly applied to a clean-primed surface with a roller or a wide brush. After the previous layer has dried, you can start applying the next one. After finishing the decorative finish, a layer of varnish is sometimes applied to set the finish and extend the life of the finish. But this is an optional step.

To obtain an excellent decorative finish, you must follow the rules:

• Do not apply paint under the scorching rays of the sun, it is advisable to wait for calm cloudy weather.

• It is advisable to protect the windows from paint splashes with a self-adhesive film.

• Start painting from the top of the walls, with the brush moving along the grain of the wood.

• Before applying a new coat, make sure that the previous one is completely dry.

Plank surfaces should be painted in one step to avoid uneven color distribution.

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